Training Programs – October 2016

Posted on: 17/10/2016

To support and revitalise our preschool policies and practices for waste reduction we have recently taken part in two educational programs. Firstly some staff attended the ‘Get Grubby Workshop’ from dirtgirlworld.

They returned with lots of inspiration and ideas and access to online teaching activities, videos and songs for use at preschool. Secondly we had the ‘Nothing goes to Waste Program’ teacher visit preschool and speak to all of the children. The children were active participants in a story and song session, all about recycling more and ensuring less resources are buried in landfill. As well we were provided with a book and teaching notes and undertook a simple waste audit. The audit both highlights our current actions and provides further ideas for us to minimise waste and recover resources.

These programs are provided by North East Waste, funded by the EPA’s waste levy and supported by our local Council. To find out more about what you can put in your household bins or drop off at the Ballina Council Waste Facilities go to and find everything about Waste under the Environment heading.

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