Lilli Pilli Room News – October 2016

Posted on: 18/10/2016


The vegetable garden continues to be a big part of our program as we discuss plant growth and changes, look at seed germination and continue to look after the garden together.

We are always exploring the social/emotional aspects of our preschool day and group discussions often revolve around what makes a good friend, how we feel in certain situations and our rights as a person. By openly discussing this topic and using this language throughout the day we are encouraging the children to build the skills and resilience needed, particularly for those of them going off to big school next year.

We’ve had quite an emphasis on talking or sharing news in front of the group, we do this in a few ways, some of which are: standing in front of the class to tell us something special, using our talking stick to go around the circle and answer a question which may have been posed by an educator or child and also by sharing aspects of our preschool day with one another. This is a time to show our respect to others while they are talking as well as building the confidence within ourselves to talk in front of a group of people.

Developing our independent skills and how this is encouraged throughout our day at preschool – looking after our own belonging, packing and unpacking our bags, managing our own lunch boxes, packing away when we are finished playing with something, knowing where our hat and shoes need to go, taking the time to try and put our own shoes on and of course asking for help if/when needed. Encouraging this independence is a great skill to be working on at home in the lead up to school.

Literacy has been a topic of interest as we’ve been writing menus for our home corner café, writing our own stories (with an educator) using our imagination and creativity to come up with our own words needed for this, as well as making cards and writing letters for friends and family.

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