Tree Frog Room News – October 2016

Posted on: 18/10/2016


Our excursion to the fire station was an extension on the knowledge we are gaining about fire and fire safety through the fires we have been having at preschool. We learned about the job of being a fire officer, tried out the special clothes they wear, and even got to have a go with the hose! It was also a great opportunity to discuss road safety and put our knowledge into practice as we walked from preschool to the fire station.

Science has been a popular topic will all of the children, especially our ‘germ’ experiment- we touched 3 pieces of bread- one with a glove, one with dirty hands and then another with hands that we had just washed and watched the bread over a week to see what happened. Although it was ‘disgusting’, it was a great demonstration of how important it is to wash our hands really well, especially before we eat.

We have begun to revisit our knowledge around recycling and pollution as we again look at the amount of rubbish we produce at preschool and where this rubbish ends up. Next term we will look more closely at different kinds of pollution and the effect it has on the environment and the animals living within it.

Table games are becoming a regular and popular part of our preschool program with Guess Who, Uno and Quips being some of our favourites. Table games encourage and develop a number of skills including cooperation, turn-taking, language skills and focusing on a task. Please help your child remember to sign their name in the sign in book each morning, encouraging them to have a go themselves to develop their self confidence as well as their ability to write their name.

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