Lilli Pilli Room News – September 2017

Posted on: 08/09/2017

What a wonderful term we’ve been having in the Lilli Pilli room, one that’s been full of learning, discussions and personal growth with the children. 

A few of the things we’ve been doing and learning about are: 

  • We continue to grow our own seedlings for the vegetable garden, comparing growth and size each week and taking on the responsibility of looking after them each day by watering and weeding. 
  • The children have been developing strength and coordination with their gross motor skills as we have been having some very challenging, fun and popular “Ninja Warrior” obstacle courses for the children to complete. 
  • We’ve been targeting the children’s fine motor skills, concentration, persistence and ability to complete a task from start to end by incorporating the children’s current interests in board games, craft activities, cooking and block building skills. These activities have also been a great opportunity for the children to negotiate social skills as well as sharing space and resources with one another in a respectful and responsible manner

The two R’s are something we discuss with the children on a regular basis – the importance of being a Respectful and Responsible friend and peer. 

  • We love to have group discussions with the children each day and we do this through collaboration on topics of interest as a whole class (you’ll see some of these discussions visible in our daily floor books on display). This is an important aspect of our day as it helps the children learn about the importance of holding a respectful and meaningful conversation with one another by both listening and responding to others whilst sharing our own ideas and knowledge. 
  • Please let us know if there’s something special or new that you might be learning or doing at home as this information can be incorporated into our daily program and is a lovely way to make the link between preschool and home visible. 

From the educators in the Lilli Pilli room – 

Heidi, Beth, Dale, Jo, Mel, Kylie and Kaye