Tree Frog Room News – September 2017

Posted on: 08/09/2017

Mon/Tues Group

WOW, we are amazed how much our little Tree Frogs have grown over the time they have been at preschool and how much they have achieved. We have been providing lots of opportunities for them to use their wonderful imaginations through pretend play experiences such as doctors, post office and shops. These experiences have encouraged the children to use social language and to build on their many developing skills e.g. expressing their ideas, problem solving and co-operation. Within these activities we have been incorporating props for them to practice their writing skills and helping them become familiar with numbers and text.

We have had many circle times discussing ‘How do we help our family at home?’ Our preschool vegie garden and how things grow. ‘What do we love about our Mum or Dad?’ These lovely class conversations really bring the children together and gives them a sense of belonging and a feeling that their ideas and thoughts are valued.

We have also started Brain Gym in the mornings, this is a wonderful activity that wakes up our brain and gets us ready for positive learning. Feel free to stay around and join us if your available, I’m sure the children would love to share this experience with you.

From the educators in the Tree Frog Room –

Sheree, Blathnaid, Janet and Nichole

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Group

There has been lots of interest in all things ‘big school’ over the past few weeks. The excursion to the book week parade at Alstonville Public School for those children attending next year have prompted conversations and play, and in the school role play area the children have been sharing and recreating their experiences so far of school and knowledge from siblings or friends who already attend school.

Cooking continues to be a big part of our program, so we were very excited to harvest 109 potatoes from the veggie patch! So far we have made potato wedges to share with Lilli Pilli room and potato fritters with herbs from the garden and eggs from Alexander’s chickens.

Table games continue to be a popular choice in the quieter moments of our day. As they play these games children practice skills such as turn taking, counting, number recognition, following rules and coping with disappointments.

During Book Week the children used their imaginations to create artworks to put up in Alstonville Library. The theme was ‘Escape to Everywhere’ and the children’s ideas focused on a place (imagined or real) they would love to go to, from the beach to Brazil to Mars!

Music times have focused on rhythm and developing self-regulation skills through stop/start songs such as ‘freeze’. There has been growing interest in using natural or recycled items to make music so we will explore this further over coming weeks.

From the educators in the Tree Frog Room –

Hannah, Emma, Janet, Nichole