Lilli Pilli Room News – November 2017

Posted on: 09/11/2017

Term 4! How fast the year has gone and what a lovely journey we’ve all been on together.

Some of the things we’ve been busy doing in our room recently are:

  • Exploring numeracy skills through games, number cards and counters and by introducing counting activities at circle time.
  • Exploring literacy by reading books, pointing out familiar words, searching recipe books and writing and illustrating our work (alongside an educator).
  • A giving box experience was introduced to the children. This is a game we play with the children with a wrapped up box that is handed to a friend with a compliment. The idea behind this is that the children learn about receiving and giving compliments to others and how it feels inside to say and hear nice words from others.
  • Exploring rhythm and beat with the tapping sticks and of course the children are still loving the small discos and free dance sessions we’ve been having, allowing them to request their favourite songs to dance and sing to with their friends.
  • The Mindfulness jars have been made and talking about how our brains feel at certain times of the day. With this has come some breathing techniques and encouraging the children to listen to their bodies and recognise how they’re feeling and what they might be needing at certain times.
  • Exploring Australian native animals through stories, group discussions, researching on the iPads and art and craft activities.
  • Social stories through the use of puppets with the children and from this evolved the children’s own puppet creations in craft corner.
  • Taking a deeper look at space and planets lately and this is one that the children have many ideas and thoughts about. It’s been great for them to not only explore with their imaginations but also share their prior knowledge around this with one another.
  • The rain and sun has really made our vegetable garden start taking off and we’ve been spending time during our outside time preparing it together. Now we’re ready to plant some new vegetables for the summer months.
  • Fine motor skills continue to be a big focus in our room, strengthening those little muscles and hands through many table activities, such as – cutting along lines, pasting on to paper, peeling and sticking stickers, creating in craft corner, using paint brushes, pencils, textas and crayons, cooking experiences, play dough making and many, many more activities.

We look forward to the sharing the remaining part of your child’s journey with them at preschool this year and supporting them in their growth and development along the way.

From the Educators in Lilli Pilli room –

Heidi, Beth, Dale, Kylie, Jo, Mel and Kaye