Tree Frog Room News – November 2017

Posted on: 09/11/2017


This term we have been giving the children many opportunities to experiment with mark making and building their fine motor muscles to be become confident and successful writers and drawers. Some of the experiences the children have been engaged in to build their fine motor strength have been sticker dotting their names, shaving cream with eye droppers, manipulating small pom poms with tweezers and flour writing. 

We have also been working on our whole body balance and coordination with ball games, obstacle courses and running games.

Since the weather has been warmer we have had lots of conversations about the beach and holiday camping, this has created interest in cubby houses and seen Tree frog room become a camping ground! Lots of fun imaginative play and social skill building!


What a great start to term 4 we’ve had!

It has been great to see the enthusiasm around school orientation for those children starting school next year. With most, if not all, schools having run orientation now it has become a big part of conversations between children and frequently part of their play.

We have begun a project around scientific inquiry, coming from the interests and questions from children. We are focusing on the concept of light, exploring where light comes from and what is does. So far we have experimented with solar power, using a prism to diffuse the light, shadows, plants needing light and making light boxes. This learning is being recorded in our floorbook so please have a look each day, and you are more than welcome to take a photo of the page to talk about at home later.

The visit from Karma Kids last term has inspired more experiences around the Jack and the Beanstalk story. A huge beanstalk grew overnight, sparking imaginations and curiosity. This has also led to discussions about traditional fairy tales and favourite stories, which we will explore over the next few weeks. Your child is more than welcome to bring a favourite story to share with us at group time.

Our outdoor space continues to play a huge part in our program, enabling children to develop their gross motor skills, team work, curiosity and appreciation for our natural world. It is a great space all year round and we try to use it in most kinds of weather, so gum boots on muddy days and light clothing on hot days are invaluable. 

From the educators in Tree frog room –

Hannah, Emma, Carla, Nichole and Frazer