Lilli Pilli Room News – February 2018

Posted on: 07/03/2018

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday group

The children are settling into the flow of the day nicely and have been busy exploring everything that preschool has on offer both in the indoor and outdoor environment.

A few things we’ve been learning about and have been busy with are:

  • we spent a couple of weeks working out what work we needed to do in the vegetable garden and had many group chats about what we’d like to plant. The children then set to work planting out the garden and now we all need to make sure it’s being well looked after so we can enjoy the goods that it will produce for us.
  • we’ve introduced some lovely picture rocks of the children to our morning circle time and this has seen us learning the names of our friends as well as acknowledging who is at preschool each day.
  • hospital play has been a popular activity lately and we’ve further extended on this interest by spending time exploring the human body as a group.
  • we’ve learnt to be “water watchers” and together discussed why it’s important to save water and ways we can all work together to do this – ask your children what it means to be a water watcher.
  • as the children become more comfortable and confident in their environment, we see more friendships being formed and lots of positive interactions happening amongst the children, which has been lovely to watch.

Heidi, Bethany, and Dale


Thursday, Friday group

It has been wonderful to see so many happy faces coming to Lilli Pilli Room each Thursday and Friday. The educators within the room have been focusing on getting to know all the children, their interests and building relationships with them.

We would like the children to feel that they are supported and have a willingness to ask for help, with their needs and wants.

  • Our main focus of the start of our preschool learning journey has been learning the routine, and learning some expectations of what it means to be a part of a group.
  • Supporting children in our circle times has also been an important part of our day, for some children this has come as something new and we are encouraging following instructions, listening skills, as well as participation.
  • We have also made a main focus of on our weekly program of offering turn taking games, supporting and encouraging the ability to ask for a turn, waiting for a turn, and also saying “oh well, next time”. This is also important to help children become aware of their own feelings and feelings of others.

Carla, Nicole, Janet