Tree Frog Room News – February 2018

Posted on: 07/03/2018

Monday, Tuesday group
We’ve had a great start to the year! Educators have focused on building the children’s sense of belonging to preschool. We have been supporting them to make connections between home and preschool, build new friendships and take responsibility for the preschool environment. Contributing to this is the ‘code of conduct’ that the children and educators have developed together to keep each other and our environment safe.

Each morning we begin with a welcome circle, during which we sing our Good Morning song, both in English and in Bundjalung, and, as of this week, started Brain Gym to turn on our brains ready for a day of learning!

We have been working hard in the garden to prepare and plant out the veggie patch and contribute daily to the task of keeping our outdoor area beautiful by pulling weeds. The most exciting development is the banana palm which has finally begun producing bananas! Cooking has been an integral part of our program so we’re looking forward to adding bananas to the list of ingredients we grow ourselves.

Hannah, Carla and Emma

Thursday, Friday group
We have had a lovely start to the year. The children are finding their feet at preschool and enjoying exploring and discovering in both the inside and outside environment.

Friendship has been a big focus during these first couple of weeks. As the children have become more confident in their environment, we have seen lots of positive friendships growing and developing.

Felt stories have become a big interest at circle time. The children have been loving these engaging and interactive stories, some of our favourite stories have been ‘Jack and the beanstalk’, ‘The hungry caterpillar’ and ‘Cat Colours’.

The children have been enjoying lots of sensory exploration and developing their fine motor skills as they mould and sculpt playdough into all kinds of creations. Water play outside has been very popular too, with frozen animals in ice and using fishing rods to fetch magnet fish.

Home corner has been a great place for imagination and social play. We have seen lots of great interactions and developing social skills, between the children as they play families and dress ups!

Bethany, Hannah F, Heidi, Jo, Hannah and Emma