Your Child’s Instinct is to Play

Posted on: 17/10/2016

To  run, climb, hop, skip, dig, dance, catch, throw. To roll down hills, to jump waves, to build forts and cubbies. To make noise, to make mess, to explore.

Play is spontaneous, creative and joyful – for children and their parents and carers. Children play from birth. Play is all part of healthy development for a baby, toddler and pre-schooler.

Playing and movement is essential for a child’s development and is one of the most important things parents can share with their children. The Australian National Guidelines for daily physical activity (active play for toddlers and pre-schoolers) is 3-hours every day, spread throughout the day.

As parents you are the most important role models for your children, and the best way to show young children how much fun physical activity can be is through active play every day.

Excerpt from Munch and Move program newsletter, NCAHS

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