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Welcome to Alstonville Community Preschool, a unique community of children, families and educators who together, share an understanding of the importance of the early childhood years, in the lifelong development and education process.

At this preschool we:

  • value children as individuals, who are curious, competent and capable learners;
  • acknowledge that children are active creators of their own learning through play;
  • see educators as co constructors of learning with children, and as instrumental in scaffolding further learning and interest;
  • value time for uninterrupted play to give children the opportunity to experiment, explore, discover and build on skills and knowledge in collaboration with others;
  • plan an educational program that encompasses the spontaneous interactions, experiences, routines and events of each day, and the intentional teaching moments that promote deeper learning;
  • believe that nature, the outdoors and use of natural materials in play connects children to their learning, and develops curiosity and wonder,
  • plan learning experiences that encourage children to be social, develop dispositions to work with and learn from others, and to learn resilience,
  • encourage the development of a deep sense and awareness of community;
  • share insightful documentation of children’s learning to promote a better understanding for families and within the community, of children’s ideas, questions, growth and development;
  • understand the importance of the interactions and respectful relationships that develop between educators, children and families over time;
  • value strong leadership and the contributions and skills of the many ‘leaders’ in this community managed educational space.
  • ground our everyday practice in critical reflection, research and evidence;
  • recognize the importance of creating a love for learning to support children in their transition to school and future lives.




Belonging, Being and Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia;

ECA Code of Ethics