Alstonville Community Preschool aims to provide a quality preschool service at an affordable price to families eligible to attend under the Priority of Access Guidelines. A budget, based on the number of children attending the preschool and available funding, will be used as the basis for setting preschool fees each year.

Fee structure for enrolments beginning after 1st January 2019

4 year olds  (according to new Dept of Education funding guidelines, your child must turn 4 before 31 July 2018)

$36 per day

3* year olds

$to be confirmed

Fee reduction

$16 per day


$10 per term

ADMINISTRATION FEE (includes preschool t-shirt, hat, & wet bag)

$45 upon enrolment

*There are a limited number of places for 3 year olds and conditions apply (refer priority access policy).


Our preschool’s financial strength will be maximised by:

  • following the appropriate priority of access requirements;
  • following all legal requirements required by our access to government funding;
  • ensuring families are aware of all fees and fee payment requirements upon enrolment;
  • ensuring statements of fees are issued each term and follow up of outstanding fees occurs on a regular basis;
  • managing fee collection to avoid bad debts;
  • keeping fee increases to a minimum; and
  • notifying families as far ahead as possible and no less than 30 days before any changes to fees or the ways fees will be collected.


  1. Preschool fees are determined by the Management Committee after taking into consideration Government funding and annual operational costs.
  2. Preschool fees are GST free.
  3. On acceptance of a place, an administration fee and a booking deposit (equivalent to two weeks of preschool fees) is payable. The booking deposit is paid prior to beginning preschool and is held until your child’s last term of attendance.  It is then refunded by way of a deduction from your child’s final term fees.
  4. The booking deposit is refundable, only when adequate notice ie two or more weeks, is given that the position will no longer be required:
  • If notice is given prior to the end of the school year, a full refund will be given
  • If the preschool is notified after the end of the school year, the entire booking deposit will be forfeited

The Director may use their discretion in relation to refund of the booking deposit.

  1. If a child is withdrawn during the year, a minimum of two (2) weeks’ notice is required. Failure to provide adequate notice will result in the booking deposit being forfeited.
  2. Fees will be invoiced on a term by term basis and emailed to the email address given on the child’s enrolment form prior to the commencement of each term. It is the families responsibility to update this email address if necessary.
  3. Fees can be paid in one lump sum, no later than week 2 of each term, or by 4 equal instalments payable in week 1, 3, 5 and 7. (These payment weeks may differ slightly in Term 1 each year)
  4. Fees can be paid by direct deposit to:


Alstonville Community Preschool

BSB: 062657

Acc. No. 10142402

Please include your child’s name in the reference field as payment is made. 


by EFTPOS or cash at reception


  1. Fee reduction for families is available if the family has a child with a diagnosed disability, or is of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background, or holds a current Healthcare or Pension Card. A photocopy of this card must be attached to the preschool enrolment form and updated annually to ensure reduction of fees.
  2. Fees are charged for Public Holidays that occur during term time.
  3. Fees are payable regardless of illness, absence or holiday leave.
  4. Our standard preschool hours are 8.30am to 4.00pm.

A surcharge will apply in the form of a late fee when parents are consistently late in picking up their child.

  1. Details of an individual’s account and all completed forms kept by the preschool will be kept confidentially and stored appropriately as per the Privacy Collection Statement. Individual families may access their own account records at anytime.  Particulars of fees will be available in writing to parents upon request.
  2. If you are experiencing any short or long term financial hardship or extenuating circumstances, please contact the Director.


The Director will:

  • Ensure all families are made aware of preschool fees and available fee reductions and rebates on enrolment;
  • Ensure fees are invoiced to all families no less than each school term.
  • Ensure fee invoices are issued to all families at correct fee levels.

Overdue fees

It is expected that fees will be paid in advance at all times.

Any family who is two weeks or more in arrears and has not reached an agreement with the Director to make good such arrears, must make an appointment to discuss the situation immediately or the child’s place at the preschool may be placed in jeopardy.

At this meeting a fee payment schedule will be agreed upon and signed by both parties which will initiate fortnightly payments in line with regular family income instalments.

If the family is in receipt of a payment from Centrelink such as Parenting Payment (partnered or single), Family Tax Benefit Part A or Part B, Rent Assistance, etc the family will have the option to use Centre Pay as a method of fee payment, to ensure fees are paid in a timely manner.

Legal action may be taken as a last resort.


There will be an efficient and effective process for fee payment, that is well communicated to families.


Statutory Legislation & Considerations

  • A New Tax System (Family Assistance) (Administration) Act 1999
  • A New Tax System (Family Assistance) Act 1999
  • Children (Education and Care Services National Law Application) Act 2010
  • Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011

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