Our aim is for: all children to experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life.

At preschool we aim to provide:

  • a stimulating environment for young children, where there is time and opportunity to learn and express themselves through play and extend their skills, knowledge and creativity in all areas of development;
  • an aesthetically pleasing natural environment where children feel comfortable and confident to play, explore and discover, and to develop positive relationships with other children and adults;
  • a team approach, where all educators work together with families to maximize each child’s preschool experience and provide an educational program which offers opportunities for all children to contribute to their own learning and to share their views and ideas with others;
  • a program which incorporates the individual needs and interests of all children and aims to foster acceptance and understanding of our diverse society, enabling children to develop and awareness of the culture, values and beliefs of others;
  • a flexible service which involves parents and the surrounding community in the day to day operation of our preschool.

Your child will learn to:

  • feel confident, as they become part of our preschool ‘family’
  • be independent as learners in a social context
  • communicate and develop good relationships with others
  • express themselves through speech, movement, music and art
  • observe, question and organise their thinking about the world, and
  • develop new skills which build on their existing knowledge, to make sense of their world.

The PEDAGOGY of our preschool supports the principles and outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia “Belonging, Being & Becoming” (DEEWR:2009). As such we aim to uphold the principles and practices of the EYLF and strive to encourage and support children as they work towards development of the skills and dispositions outlined in the learning outcomes of the framework.


These principles underpin practices that are focused on assisting all children to make progress in relation to the Learning Outcomes.

We aim to develop:

  1. Secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships.
  2. Partnerships.
  3. High expectations and equity.
  4. Respect for diversity.
  5. Ongoing learning and reflective practice.


These are the teaching practices used by educators at our preschool to promote children’s learning. We use a combination of these in our daily work with children:

  1. Holistic approaches
  2. Responsiveness to children
  3. Learning through play
  4. Intentional teaching
  5. Rich learning environments
  6. Cultural competence
  7. Continuity of learning and transitions
  8. Assessment for learning


These are the five broad outcomes that are designed to capture the integrated and complex learning of all children. They are:

  1. Children have a strong sense of identity.
  2. Children are connected with and contribute to their world.
  3. Children have a strong sense of wellbeing.
  4. Children are confident and involved learners.
  5. Children are effective communicators.

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